If the Vote for Marylin to chase after the Grimm had won, Marylin would have had to fight against the Overseer’s fledgling, Evelyn. Would have been a very difficult fight so maybe Marylin accompanying the rest of the team was the better route, but at the same time Marylin misses the opportunity to find out what the Overseer is scheming and perhaps something about her past. Next comic page will be up Monday.

Vote incentive pictures. Julia sketches from the anime Cowboy Bebop. Vote away!

Past Vote Incentive Pictures can be found in the Vote Incentive Gallery

Elliot’s Musings – 2



  • Reworking Chapter1-page1 art. I’m not entirely too pleased with that page so started reworking the art just a bit. Almost done with inking the page.


  • Some more character concepts of Reeva. This time I’m focusing on her outfit. My inspiration for her outfit was a raincoat. I imagine her outfit would be made of a very flexible polymer plastic, which would allow her to stretch herself into different shapes or sizes without the material breaking part. The idea is to make her outfit to look both cool but also a bit functional. More character designs next time.



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