Off to a decent start with the comic. Next update Monday


Ok, two question. In the last panel, is it supposed to be “this city” or is “his city” what you were going for? >.> Also, is “a lot mysteries” missing an “of”? Those aside, love the amount of detail you put into these comics, and as always they look great.

Hope you’ll pardon my language here, but Holy Shit, that looks great! Sorry, but that best describes my initial reaction. I thought that with coloring it there would be less time for detail, but the detail (at least as far as Marilyn is concerned) is just as good as the previous purple pages and now with full color there’s also great contrast (I think that’s the word). The colors are very deep and vibrant and really stand out. The subtle shading on certain areas gives a really good sense of, I dunno, shape/depth? Sorry I don’t know a whole lot about art, so I’m mostly talking out of my ass. Jason was always one of my favorite characters and I’m hoping he’s in this new version as well, but getting to see Marilyn’s back story is already seeming pretty interesting and I’m liking the new steampunk style. I thought your art in the original version was good, but now it looks amazing. While there’s probably going to be things I’ll miss about the original version, I think I’ll grow to like this new story even more. So, short version: Holy Shit art looks great, liking the new style and story, and good luck Sir!

PS: And sorry about writing an unneccessarily long comment, I’ve got a bit of a bad habit with that.

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