Marylin doesn’t like nosey people.

Also happy birthday to me, unfortunately the only happy thing for me today is that I finished this page on time =T




So I guess this is why you asked if we would hire her as a babysitter, Mr. Elliot..? She was literally on the job for like, less than a minute before the girl got kidnapped… For shame, Marylin. I hope the poor girl will be OK…. :sad:

Fucking Demon Grimm Birds, What are you gonna do? haha!

Awesome job on the Comic as always!

Happy Birthday as well, and I may only speak for myself, but I would have totally said take the day off since its your bday. I wouldnt hold it against ya.

The moose will jump out of your cake if you arent careful…. You think that is white frosting you’re eating? Think about it.

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