Didn’t get a chance to polish the drawing and coloring, been keeping busy at work. Thanx for all the birthday wishes guys, and to the person who gifted me some kool items in TeamFortress2. You guys definitely made my bday less sucky.




Marylin: Damn! The little girl got taken away by that Grimm!

Jess: I know! This is terrible! That poor girl!!! :sad:

Marylin: Yeah, she might have been able to help me with my revenge plot…

Jess: I know, it’s– wait, what?

Marylin: Oh, it’s just some guy I’ve been after for years. That little girl could’ve pointed me in the right direction. Oh well… Guess I’ll have to find him on my own.

Jess: Yeah… Not to mention she’s prolly gonna get eaten alive by demons, or dragged straight into the 9th circle of hell or something…

Marylin: Friggin’ stupid little Grimm getting the better of– Huh? Oh yeah, that too I guess.

Jess: ಠ_ಠ

So where exactly was Marylin keeping that hat? And why would Jessica even go anywhere without her ring? Not exactly like it’s heavy or anything… And the biggest question of all, will Marylin still keep the duck?? :eager:

Hey Saskir, in response to your comment on the last page… I know, I just like calling him Mr. Elliot lol. Not really trying to be formal, it’s just something I do.

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