update2– Gah, needed to take an extra shift at work, wont be able to make the Thursday update. Next update Monday

Be all you can be !

In other news, updates are going to be even more sporadic as we get deeper into the holiday season because of my work, but I’ll still try and do 2 updates a week when I can. Hang in there guys. ┬áMan, I need to do some new vote pictures/comics soon.



Loving the new chapter cant wait to see what happened to every one else especially devil Jason he said HE BE BACK!!!!

ah, ok, so it’s not a reboot or anything, and instead just a time skip?

hopefully things eventually turn out ok with jason.

I have a hard time imagining Jess being even more jaded than Marylin now… I mean, I can understand the army being pretty bad, but worse than fighting the unholy legions of hell? Worse than watching your best friend become one of them..? Speaking of whom, whatever happened to Jason? Is he gone forever..? :sad:

Hmm… I wonder if Jess took that ring with her to the army…

Anyhoo, love the expressions on this page. You’ve really improved in a lot of ways, Mr. Elliot.

So a timelap not a another universum. Although I had known this was planned I was not sure if this was how it is. Seeing as the people looked more victorian age from the clothes (ok till the part with the car).

It’s like some weird fusion of steampunk and cyberpunk. Cybersteam..? lol that sounds like a band name.

Mkay, Time slip established. Drama established.
Now.. this may be strange but where in the hell is the guy that hung out with Jessica and Jason?
Awesome car man, Got licked by a demon. I kinda sorta remember his name… I think ti started with an S…Well whatever. Where is he?

It’d be awesome if he had some form of cameo or something haha!

I think it was Steve…Would be funny if he was brought in from the Ministry Intelligence Bureau.

….MIB? Well played.

This should be a thing :D

Since his encounter with zombie sex addicts he did go over to other extreme things. Last time I heard form him was as he won against an asian in a sausage eating contest. This was right after he got crowned as the Starcraft 2 champion in Korea.

Next incentive: Steve with shades and that memory erasing thingamabob, erasing the memories of some pretty girls and then telling them they were just about to start the lingerie shoot…

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