My guess a Kendall attack is about to happen :hope:

Kendall Boob-snuggle attack! :glomp:

Or she starts humping Marylin. :hump:

Either way it’ll be a shock.

Id personally lean toward to boob snuggle :3 either way, for kendalls sake i hope it doesnt end up like jessicas reunion. :sherlock: then again, i get the feeling kendall likes a little bit of fight in her women

Incoming perverted glomp, prepare for copious amounts of blood. Be it from Kendall’s nose, or her horrible death. *opens umbrella*

You remind me of a fansub of the Kenshin OVA. “You really make it rain. A rain of blood”. Somehow I was dissapointed that they changed this line in the official english dub. Though still the best invested 40 Bucks for the two DVDs from Madman.

I can sense something sexy from kendall then a violent riposte in the future.

WIN and Also,
The moose sees all and enjoys it!

You know you’ve been playing too much AC2 when those scaffolding window things on the right of the entrance are the thing that draws your eyes as a possible easy route to the roof.

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