Updates, tired =|

Voting Incentive are sketch designs of Svetlana looking unamused.  


The old her would’ve had no problem with slicing her head off indiscriminately. Yep, Marylin has definitely changed. Which is good, because if she is possessed, that’s kind of a f—ed up solution… O_o Well, if this is a case of possession, here’s hoping his royal mooseyness shows up to save the day.

So anyway, what’s going on in panel 3? It looks like Marylin is holding something..?

Hmmm, so who wants to bet. Although the lil girl always looks suspicious with ehre expressionless face I would say the nun is more on the evil side.

Although who knows, maybe Marylin and the lil girl fight it out, till Winslow comes and says something along the line: “Hi Marylin, nice to see you. Oh it’s a lovely sight that you already made friends with one of my exorcists.”

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