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Well, looks like Saskir called this one. It was indeed the nun.
So if she isn’t a demon… Could she be a devil?

I’m betting the Nun is a Raven.

We shall see indeed! :plotting:

Ohh reallly? Come Wolfen! The game’s afoot!! :sherlock:

PS: YAY we have smileys again!! :flail:

Hmmm, Raven….dunno. Although Eliot is as mysterious as ever. A black aura is normally something really bad. I would assume the Raven was more a Bounty Hunter, someone from the church like an Inquisitor or someone which resembles atleast a human. Seriously the mask reminded me of the ones doctors used in the time of the Pest.

So what could it be. Normally, knowing the old comic, I would assume a Devil. Atleast the transformation won’t be humanlike (or partly not) as the fingers are already changing into claws. And if it would be a raven Marylin wouldn’t look so surprised there would be other emotions mixed into it like anger or bloodlust (or if her personality did change a little more, fear).

Hmmmm, I will make a wild guess. A Black Fairy. Or maybe even a Banshee. Dunno as I saw the eerie glow of her mouth this was the first thing that came to mind. Atleast I would say it is someone who protects the girl. And as Marylin was stomping to the girl the nun sensed danger.

Ahh but she’d recognize a Devil Aura wouldn’t she? I mean it’s not like she didn’t have a team mate possessed by one. :?:

Yeah but I get the feeling devils are rare. She probably hasn’t seen one since the incident with Jason. Maybe there’s something unusual about encountering one here and now, and that’s why she’s surprised? Admittedly, we don’t know a whole lot about devils yet, and how they differ from ordinary demons… And I suppose it’s possible that it’s a whole new type of spook we’ve never even seen before… All we can really do is speculate at this point.

Fiending for more precognition cookies, Saskir? These aren’t cheap, ya know. :3

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