Scissor blade stabbiness, for the win!




Well first of all, you return her duck. :^^:

No, FIRST is shrink the scary,slowing,scissors. THEN give her the duck.

*GLOWING scissors! *Starts being the typo-demon with his keyboard*


Hmm… Should we start a claiming tradition around here, too? If so, I’m gonna have to claim Marylin. Because apparently, I have a thing for female protagonists. :nosebleed:

Actually i figured you’d claim Kendall. She’s the one coming to save your furry butt with a 4 foot purple plastic penis named Penetrator.

That’s a good point. Marylin can’t be bothered to save a lowly cadet like me… Still, while I do appreciate Kendall coming to my aid, I’m also afraid of how a woman who wields a four foot rubber dong might decide to express her affection for me.

(We need some suitable fear smileys.)

Well, so long as you arent a girl or perhaps girly looking you should be in the clear with her. But…. who knows what she’ll be like after tearing apart that horde of zombie hookers……….eh, im sure you’ll be fine :3

To be fair, it has not yet been established whether or not she is also into guys. She might be 70/30 or something.

(Let’s use my own fear smiley, then. ⊙︿⊙ )

:D i accept this possibility….sadly i would get no such escort, only had a small problem with zombie Jehovah witnesses….go figure they werent as successful of spreading the infection like the zombie hookers clawing at your door…..and the fact that one of my weapons is equally as good at shooting as it is clubing things in the head probably aided in curbing them in my area >.>

I think the first thing I would do is try and take a picture of marylin (since I would be a bystander)

Low Angle, If you know what I mean, scissors be damned.

The moose is wise, but his vision is short sighted.

ACtually, i might question the wisdom of someone trying to get a ….errrm….low angle picture of marylin while shes still armed. However, none will question the moose.

If we start claiming characters then I have dibs on Lana. :sexy:

Also, I’m seriously considering working on a Marylin cosplay. I don’t quite have the right size of bewbs and I’ll need a wig–but the pure awesome would be worth it.

well we don’t know who’s gonna be here now, Only Marylin,Kendell and Winston have been mentioned so far.

I doubt anyone significant would just vanish into the background like that… These are beloved characters, after all. Hell, I’m sure even old Cannon and Fodder will show up again.

What would it be without agent Cannon and Fodder. Anyone thinks any of the characters is into polygamy? Then I would take every female protagonist (except the once you would call jailbait, the too old once and the bad and ugly monster type once). Maybe the list will be updated or maybe not.

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