Hmm Im trying out a cell shaded look for the comic =D.  Something else I’m doing with this chapter is that in at least 2 points in the chapter, I will post a page with some choices that determine how the story will continue, then you,  the readers will vote for which path/direction the characters will go, so kinda like a Visual Novel, except you play it with everyone. 

If you have any questions or thoughts you’d like share about this, please drop a comment below =D.  (Next page will be up Thursday)

New vote Incentive sketches! Marylin rocking the Lily outfit from the outfit voting poll. She looks both deadly and sexy. Vote away! 


I’ve always liked your artistic choices with coloring and this no exception. You have a talent for “simple but complex” color.

And Kendall looks quite happy. Though I don’t think she’s asleep. ;)

I want to someday be that comfortable in my life.Trademark Kendall smirk too. haha Also, hell yeah awesome voting incentive!

The moose likes the direction this comic is continuing to go!

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