heres your occasional sporadic update =\. I shouldn’t and I’ll probably fail terribly but I’m messing around with an idea for a scif-ish comic. YOLO right? =\ I’ll try to post scifi concept art some time.


“Moose are you ok?”
“Well I just got blasted in the back with a shotgun. So I’m mildly irritated.”

So I can assume your at least a East coast’er, if not from the island itself, due to your familiarity with moose resilience.

You sure you’re ready to make a second comic? As the old saying goes: he who chases two rabbits catches neither.

I believe this is a why to keep him interested. I fear (only my opinion) he got tired of this comic. This is why we had suhc a radical change some comics ago. But as said, my opinion.

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