New readers, Kendall is a bit of a perv. Long time readers, business as usual =)

Drawing 2 pages for this week was hard with work in the way but Im happy I made it.

Vote Incentive sketches! Marylin rocking the Lily outfit from the outfit voting poll. She looks both deadly and sexy. Vote away! 


I really like the fan service! Who doesn’t have a craving for some cake now?I like kendall’s eyes as shes flying through the air. haha “Oh shit!” Also, good on Marylin for the plausible threat and doubly good on Kendall for not giving a crap.

I love this comic! haha
The moose has witnessed greatness!

Even tho you might have seen this coming, glad you liked it. Kendall is quite predictable =D

I actually did not make a prediction at all. I was just savoring the … “moment” for the awesome moment it was. :D

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