Necessary shower scene =D


New Vote Incentive picture! Kendall face shading practice I did for the comic. Vote away! 


Oooooh. Scars. Am I right in thinking those are new?

Also… *mouth agape*

Marylin’s personality is really starting to stand out. That is a positive thing! I like that her personality seems more pronounced now than in the prologue. Also…. HOT HOT HOT. Also, scars are sexy.

The moose has spy cameras in the shower for just this purpose!

Thanx TheKing, I must be doing something right for a change :yay: The moose’s spy cameras have been hijacked by Kendall’s spybots. All the spy camera are belong to Kendall now :3

@Elliotd – THATS WHY I DONT HAVE ACCESS ANYMORE?!?!?!…. Kendall wouldve had to rewire the camera lines… no wonder she was in marylins room… wait… i mean… umm.. ive never seen this video recording equipment before in my life.


The last panel only brings one thing to mind for persuading Kendal to quit the team.

Marylin used lipstick kiss on Kendal… it was super effective!

I’m back! from the dead after so long a time!
And so is this comic by the looks of it :)

But i’m curious, what happend to the old comic and why is Jason dead???

Not dead, He got sucked into a portal after he was forced to become his devil self.

And As much as I liked Marylin. She’s become pretty much the kind of person who invites Friendly Fire.

But back on topic, i wonder if she’s giong to seduce Kendall since she’s prepping big time :)
maybe some kissing action? :D

I remember Marylin’s hyper confidence complex cropping up just before the time skip. It seemed slightly out of character for Marylin until I realized that something like that wouldn’t reveal itself very much if one was working alone. Am I just reading more into this that I should?

Amazing page btw.

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