update2- Looks like I’ll be on hiatus for a bit. I’ve had  friends visiting over so its been pretty tricky to work on the comic even on my days off from work. So sorry,  I will probably need another week or so before I can work on the comic again :(

Man, 16-bit video games were soo difficult. There are a ton of Gensis and SNES games I will never ever beat ;_;

New vote pictures coming tomorrow. completed

Vote Incentive picture. Zelda trying to seduce you, sketches .Vote away! 


Purity massage? i’m guessing they both get naked and they she will “massage” all kinds of area’s ;)
Also, i somehow get the idea the boss is the one using cheatcodes, sure games were hard in that time but thats what made them so much fun!
Altrough games with limited lives really knew how to show u torture as an 8-year old kid…

Very true, the insane difficulty of some of those games plus the lack of proper save files made games really challenging but also excruciatingly fun.

If u want a good Example, try playing the first Castlevania game on the NES without a game genie, the game has limited lives and continues and even with an unlimited lives cheat it took me 8 hours to get to the last boss(Dracula) and still not be able to down him!!

But at least my hand-eye cordination got a big boost becouse of it.

Ah, the days when games would stomp your face, kick you to the curb, make you bite the curb, and you’d come back asking for more. Not to sound like one of those “olden-time” gamers, but it is a bit silly how frequent games auto-save for us now, when it used to be you lost a life, and it was back to start for you. Hell, just go back to the mid/late 90’s and you’ll get plenty of games that had a good challenge, and made it so you could save absolutely anywhere (loved that about the original Half Life on PC) but that included accidentally hitting the quick-save key when you were going for quick-load because you knew you weren’t getting out of that situation, and didn’t want to go through the kill screen again (friend did this as he missed a jump, and the last save before it was almost 2 hours of gameplay back, so each quick-load had him falling to his death; all he could do was laugh)


So…Purity Massage, eh? How long (in milliseconds) before those hands leave Shoulder-country, and head for more bountiful lands?

“After many weeks playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, I have finally reached my breaking point. This game will not let me save, and if I die, I lose all my progress. I have been awake far too long, with many naps in between because I could still puase. Altough I dare not go too far from my game, because if anything happened, I would lose it all.”

Sounds EXCITING. Someone should make a mod that prevents saving and if you die, you return to the cart in Skyrim. :D

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