Update-  Havn’t been able to work on anything lately, horribly tired.  My work schedule changed from mornings to overnights so my sleep cycle is still wonky. I’ll make new comics when I get the chance =[


Vote Incentive picture. Zelda trying to seduce you, sketches .Vote away! 


The catch? She didn’t say that “someone” was gonna be Kendall.

So what are the odds of us seeing this game they’re playing turned into a little browser flash game? :hope:

Wow, seems Kendall is actually intimidated by Jessica! did’t except that.
But then again, Jessica knows how to play Kendall, and i would’t be suprised if she actually would allow Kendall to massage her ;)

Awesome haha, i bet the massage wont happen just cause elliot can be a troll sometimes. If it doesnt happen, I will laugh at the good trolling. haha Still, yeah kill that boss ladies!

Hey, im catching up on the comic after leaving it for a few months.
Is there any way to see the vote incentive pics I’ve missed?

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