Filler Art

update 2: Sorry for the slow update on the next comic page. Work life and home life has been keeping me quite occupied. I will try and get the next page up this upcoming Monday.

Been busy and havn’t had the time and energy to work on the next page as much as I’d like to.  I’ll get the page finished and posted this week, so hang on. Till then enjoy Futurama, Amy fanart.

Vote Incentive picture! Kendall face shading practice I did for the comic. Vote away! 


As a fan of futurama I will simply say: “All glory to the hypnotoad” Also, This is an awesome piece of fanart!

She looks better then the one in the series,since i hate her there.(always sleeping with pretty much everything that has a heartbeat..)
Also hope u get the next page done soon Elliot! since i can’t wait to see what marylyn is gonna do to “discourage” her teammates :D

That’s AFTER the Cuteness Reduction surgery?! What she look like before?!

It’s too bad Comedy Central is canceling Futurama, great series, constantly underrated. Awesome fan art! *Sits and waits patiently for next Page*

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