Prologue pages for new Strawberry Death Cake. Still working on the site, will update with news soon. =] New comics every MONDAY.

The complete (fixed all the missing pages) original Strawberry Death Cake comic can be found here



Wonderful to see you doing your comics again, love your art style and characters. This new style looks pretty slick, a young Marylin I’d presume.

Thanx, yea I’m glad to be back to doing comics, the break from comicing was a nice chance for me to recharge my creative energy. Yes the little girl is a very young Marylin =]

WHOA WE’RE BACK IN BUSINESS!! And little Marylin is so adorable it should be illegal! ^_^
Good to see you back, Mr. Elliot. Lovin’ the new style.

i am glad the comic is back!!

i missed it, now are you going to be doing purple as the main color like the old story was red this story going be set in different color?

I dont want to be the asshole on your site, but I gotta ask; If you’re rebooting the comic, will you push a less silly tone? (moose character and ‘wafflez’? Really? – and Yeah, I know I sound like a dick, but I’m a depression case, hard to please with colourful wackyness unless its also very clever. Sue me.)

There was a dragon ball homage feel to the first incarnation of this story during combat, and anime style ‘wacky antics’ which is very very far off the mark for my usual tastes; BUT the art was and remains great, and character designs were very inventive, even inspired in one or two cases. In short I found your artistic talent and imagination far out weighs some of the content in the comic. I wonder how this new look at your story will develop.

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