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Sexy Rambo

Sexy Rambo

With the release of the Expendables 2 movie, I’m reminded that the type of action movies I enjoyed as a kid are all but mostly gone. Going back and watching action movies with Sylvester Stallone, Arnold swarchenegger, Bruce Willis etc their movies all kinda look cheesey now because of the dated special fx, but I think thats one of the things that made their movies really awesome, everything was real with the bear minimum CGI.  I miss 90s action movies, lol. Some of my favorite ones off the top of my head are the Rambo series, Die Hard, terminator 1&2, True Lies and Blood Sport. What are some of your fave 80s, 90s action movies and stars?




Does Pulp Fiction count as an action movie? I know it was weird as hell, but nobody can deny that Samuel L. Jackson is one bad motherfucker. XD

Oh, and I demand that you Rule 63 the Terminator next. *insert maniacal laughter here*

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