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TF2 female medic

Friday’s I’ll try and post some art and other stuff that’s on my mind, like tv shows, ¬†games and science!!

I’m having a lot of fun with Team Fortress 2. It’s probably my favorite online multiplayer FPS game. All the different classes you can play and levels really force you to work strategically and work as a team (well if you want to win =]). I used to play a lot of Battlefield 3 but its slowly lost its magic for me, and I occasionally play Halo Reach. Modern Warfare 3 is great but it can get really frustrating (fucking nonstop air support killstreaks). What are some of your favorite ¬†multiplayer online games and why?



As Heavy would put it, I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!!! :P

The online games I’m mostly playing right now are TF2 and Spiral Knights, but mostly the latter. I guess PvP just isn’t really my thing because it tends to bring out the worst in people. Like Modern Warfare, for example… It’s a good game, it just has a terrible fan base. I cannot stand hearing some 12 year old idiot scream about “hardscoper fags”… PvE on the other hand, leans more towards teamwork and camaraderie than all out competition, so it’s generally easier to get along with the people you play with.

That being said, I’ll make an exception for fighting games. I’m all about PvP when there’s a fighter involved. :P

Haha, yes well put man. There are still a lot of good and fair Modern Warfare players but it often only takes one 12 year old jerk face to ruin things. PVE stuff like in Borderlands, Halo Reach and World at War Zombie mode was awesome, I think that zombie mode was also in Black OPs. I used to play Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom 3 online but I get my ass thoroughly kicked. Those games really require skill and finesse. I could kick my friends asses at home but playing online is a whole different thing.
The next PVE game I’m looking forward to is Borderlands 2!

Online games…Well, TF2 is always fun. I’m still playing Battlefield 3 (the new content is nice, and having a group of people to play with online helps, especially using mumble/vent/whatever to communicate) Warhammer 40k Space Marine has a pretty fun multiplayer co-op mode, where there’s just wave after wave of enemies. Day Z (ArmA 2 mod) is fun zombie multiplayer, but much less “lol zombies I shots them!!1!” and more of a zombie survival simulator (you don’t even start with a gun these days) There are still people who’ll try and take your things (food, water, ammo, etc) either by being sneaky, or simply putting a bullet in your virtual head (or leg, if they’re feeling mean)

With all these games mentioned, are you playing on PC (Steam & Origin) or console, or both?

I’ve been following a couple of Youtube video series about DayZ and man that game sounds crazy awesome. I couldn’t play Dayz because of all the random hilarious player killing, I’d end up constantly rage quitting. Its fun to watch people play DayZ, its almost like a social experiment about what people might be pushed to do if a zombie apocalypse really happened.
I play my games both on PC steam and console, but most of all my FPS games are on the console. My steam profile is rainchild67, feel free to add me. I mainly play TF2 and Skyrim on steam.

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